Bidding Prayer print

Sat 22. Jul 17 11:16

Let us pray that the Church and the world may be preserved from evil.

Shield the Church against all that would damage her witness, from false doctrine, from pride, from indifference to life that seems to lie outside her care…Give her ministers  wisdom to discern between good and evil and to guide their people in the right way.

Root out corruption in the high places of the world, where power is misused and rights are disregarded…Strengthen and prosper those who work against difficulty to bring a better life for others.

May we seek to see and correct the wrong that is in ourselves and to discern and foster what can be used for good…Protect this community from all evil that threatens its peace, and let all lie together in harmony.

Come in mercy to those whose lives have been blighted by misfortune or false judgement, those whose hopes have been fulfilled, those whose minds are torn by temptation…Bring them back to their place in the good harvest of your love.

Be merciful to your servants who have gone astray in this world and have been called to judgement…Restore in them your image that they have marred and grant them a place with those who have kept the faith.

May our prayers be accepted in the name of Christ who has planted us in righteousness.