Bidding Prayer print

Sat 24. Feb 18 14:38

Let us pray to God for right judgement and constancy in faith.

Strengthen the Church to follow the way of the Cross and not to judge in the haste of the moment…Help all your faithful people to understand that to save is to lose and to lose is to find, that to give all is to gain all in the power of the risen Christ.

May those who value only the pleasure and satisfaction of the moment learn where true blessedness lies…May those who hold power so set their minds on the things that are divine, that they may rule with mercy in the things that are human.

Give to us, to our families,  friends and neighbours, grace to follow as we are led and  wisdom to know what is right in our way of life and what is a hindrance to our faith…Strengthen us to let go of the old when you are calling to the new, knowing that in your will there is life and not loss.

Have mercy on those whose burdens in this world are heavy…Be near to those who suffer for the sake of the gospel, who have offered their lives for its sake…Shield them from harm and bring them to eternal life.

We pray for the departed, those who took up their crosses and carried them to the end of the way and have laid them down in the repose of heaven…May we in our time be    faithful until we come to share in their joy.

May our prayers be acceptable in Christ who suffered and died for us.