Bidding Prayer print

Sat 20. Jan 18 11:31

Let us pray to the Father who through the Son has opened the way to heaven.

May your Church be always alert in your service, ready to answer new calls for the coming of the Kingdom…Lift up our hearts to adore the Lamb who was slain for our  salvation.

Cast out the distrust that separates people of different cultures and backgrounds…Draw all to be of one mind, open to the heavenly message that Christ has brought into the world.

Be present among our families, our friends, our colleagues…If any are called to particular service in your purpose, give them ears to hear and wills to follow you.

Have mercy on the aged whose powers are failing and whose eyes grow dim; give them your strength to replace their own…Support little children who are perplexed by responsibilities beyond their years.

We give thanks for all who have grown old in your service and have passed to rest…Give us grace to follow their example and to be vigilant to the end.

As followers of Christ, called to his service, we pray in his name.