Bidding Prayer print

Sat 16. Sep 17 15:21

That all may do to others as they would have done to them, let us pray to the Lord.

Give to the Church grace to speak the word of pardon and to show its power by her example...Let all who confess the faith of Christ acknowledge the mercy they have received and in all things be slow to find fault in others, quick to forgive offences.

Have compassion on the nations which suffer under heavy loads of debt...Bring a new spirit of generosity to those who have much, that they may be moved to relieve those who have little...May those who hold authority exercise it with mercy.

Guide us to be merciful to those who need our mercy...In all our relationships, may we be the first to forgive and make peace...Bring the spirit of love to solve the disputes and   demands which are in this community.

We pray for those who bear a heavy burden of personal debt and find no way of escape...Guide those who seek to help them in their problems...Have mercy on all who are imprisoned for debt, and on their families.

We give thanks for the departed whose debts of sin committed in this world have been forgiven and who have entered into life where anger and fear have ceased...We pray that we in our time may receive the same mercy.

We offer our prayers through Christ who has cancelled our debt of sin.