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Sat 13. Jan 18 23:03

Short History of the Flower & Garden Festival

The Flower and Garden Festival has its genesis in the Bazaar, which was traditionally held towards the end of November. Since the St. Peter's Church Flower Guild had staged a number of successful floral presentations, the Events Committee decided to merge with that organization to co-host the festival. As a result, the activity became more parish-oriented rather than being that of a particular organization. So successful was this event, that it was decided that it would become an annual activity, to be held during the second week of January, it offers a special way in which to culminate the Season of Christmas and enhances the Feast of Epiphany.

We seek to give this festival a National & International appeal, involving cultural and religious aspects of our lives. The festival showcases the creativity and commitment of a number of floral arrangers from our parish, along with those from across our island, as well as overseas. We continue to be grateful to these persons who give their talents and their time to contribute to this act of worship. We recognise that Christmas has become extremely commercialised, therefore the Church needs to highlight it even more. Since Christmas comes immediately after Independence, we find it difficult to capture its real meaning; persons seem to have no quality time to devote to each other.

The twelve days of Christmas, which climaxes on the feast of Epiphany, traditionally  carries an additional eight days. The Church refers to this as the Octave, and it gives us ample time to continue celebrating this most glorious of festivals.

We present this and all our festivals with a deep sense of pride, as we celebrate God's gift to us. The worship component Of the Festival is paramount since it is our offering to God, who has come to us and has richly blessed us. We thank God for all who are involved in making this Festival a delight and it is truly a tribute to the creativity of God' people. We commend this Festival as a worthwhile and significant venture as we worship God using the flowers of his garden.