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Sat 4. Apr 15 13:54

Welcome to the St. Peter’s Parish Church, we appreciate your visit.  

We are located to the north of the island, in the beautiful, historic town of Speightstown, with its traditional and unique housing; where many of the old overhanging balconies are still in place.

Our Parish has a very rich heritage dating back to the 17th century; it is heavily influenced by the planters of the day and the merchants who operated thriving business with Bristol in England. It continues to be a hive of activity, rich in music, with extremely high standards of worship; while embracing traditional Anglican/Catholic traditions we are able to facilitate more contemporary types of worship.

Our members are always ready to welcome visitors; be it from overseas or locally; as well as reaching out to those persons needing a home Church. The organizations are missionary and visionary, as we place a heavy emphasis on ministering to all of God’s people.
The ministry of the church extends not only to our seniors, but to many of the children in our area and the surrounding parishes.  The St. Peter’s Church Day Care welcomes each day of the week children from birth to age four, as they are prepared to enter Primary School. This outreach ministry is supported by the Regine Sixt Charity – Drying Little Tears, and Sixt International.  Ms. Sixt pays many visits to this institution and is in the process of developing a play area for the children of the Centre.

We, like most Barbadians, are proud of our members and their contribution to the development of the message.  We are particularly proud of those who have made their contributions and now find rest in the sleep of peace, as well as those persons who ensure that we remain relevant, and are able to use the cutting edge of technology.

Sincere thanks to all for their thoughts and support, spiritually and financially.  If you are in the area at anytime, feel free to visit us.  The Church is open every day from seven in the morning.

Your Priest and friend

Reverend Canon Peter O. W. Haynes