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Sat 16. Sep 17 15:48

2018 Flower Show & Garden Festival : Friday January 12 to Tuesday January 16.
Theme: “Spring into Summer”

It is that time of the year when we start our planning for the Flower & Garden Festival. We are thankful for your support over the years and we look forward to receiving your assistance as we plan for 2018.

Your sponsorship can be a celebration of a birthday, anniversary, a special event, or a memoriam to a parent, spouse, child or friend.

We are inviting members, families and friends to sponsor one of the following arrangements or contribute to a paper or radio ad.

11 Balcony Arrangements @ $350.00 each

3 Pew Arrangements @ $600.00 each

1 Pillar Arrangement @ $250.00

Pulpit - $1800.00

West Door - $1000.00

Landing Arrangement (Upstairs) - $800.00

Balcony North West - $500.00

Balcony South West - $500.00

Balcony Centre - $800.00

We thank you in advance for your assistance.