Bidding Prayer print

Sat 14. Jul 18 14:29

For the rule of justice and the triumph of mercy, let us pray to the Lord.

Inspire and strengthen the Church to speak out against evil and not to fail in the face of opposition…Give to all Christian people the grace to endure when their faith is  tested and to bear witness to the truth.

Guide and correct those in authority, that their power shall not be abused and the    innocent shall not suffer…Forgive those who support evil policies through fear or  ambition, and give them courage to work for good.

Shield us, our families and friends and neighbours, from all anger and violence, whether it comes from among us or from outside…Bless those who have influence in this community and give them the will to work for the common good.

Have mercy on all who suffer from injustice, on the weak and vulnerable who are in the hands of oppressors…Be close to those who suffer for declaring and practicing their faith and save them from their persecutors.

We remember with thanks those who have borne witness to their faith even to death…May their witness be our example of constancy until we come to share with them in the life of heaven.

We offer our prayers through Christ, the hope of all who suffer for his sake.